Activated Charcoal – The Winning Toxin Trap

Activated Charcoal – The Winning Toxin Trap


Although activated charcoal sounds like one big black mess, this miracle ingredient proves to have many health and beauty benefits that can improve your skin, hair, makeup and even teeth!

There are many beauty products that use activated charcoal as their main ingredient simply because it was discovered that toxins stick to the activated charcoal. It is 100% natural so there are no worries when it comes to any additional chemicals.

Charcoal Miracles

Being an all-natural toxin trap, activated charcoal is the ultimate ingredient for deep cleansing and detoxifying. It can be used to treat alcohol poisoning, body cleansing, emergency toxin removal, skin and hair detoxifier and more. Here are some of the famous ways to use activated charcoal:

  1. Teeth whitening
  2. Acne treatment
  3. Adding volume to your hair
  4. Water filtration
  5. Skin and body health

When Shills Met Charcoal

Shills main goal is to keep beauty products innovative and exciting, that’s why activated charcoal was a trigger to develop a full range of skin products that transform the way people see skin care products. The activated bamboo charcoal unblocks clogged pores by peeling blackheads, dirt and spot-causing bacteria away. It is blended with calendula, rosemary and grapefruit to help rebalance and restore a glowing complexion. The activated charcoal range includes the cleansing mousse, clarifying toner, gel mask, and many more products which all have a winning formula for healthy glowing skin.

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The Charcoal Range Super Star – Black Peel Off Mask

After hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram and Facebook, posts, blogs and reviews, it’s safe to say that the Shills peel off mask is a super hero when it comes to blackhead busting. Not only it peels away blackheads, acne and oil quickly, it also brightens your skin, plumps it, and brings back your skin’s natural glow.

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